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Friday, April 8, 2011

A Popham Beach stroll - The beginning

It was Saturday morning. Monkey was at his dad's, we had had a snowstorm the day before so I had been cooped up in the house and I had housework AD&D. I checked the tide, it was high at 11:30. I called mom to tell her I was coming to get her. She didn't argue with me.

We got to Popham around 1:30ish. The ride was for the most part uneventful - mom settled into Sandy's plush seats and had no complaints about my driving. We saw an Eagle fly overhead almost close enough to touch as we went across the Winnegance Bridge on Rt 209 in Bath. Some Buffleheads in Phippsburgh's Center Pond. A Great Blue Heron in a marshy area almost to the beach.

Many other people had the same idea we did, but I had a bigger plan. I let mom use my Canon 10D with my big lenses to see if a 'big camera' was something she might be interested in. We started off down the beach. We passed rafts of Eideers, people and dogs and a Red Throated Loon. We surveyed the winter storm damage, which wasn't much on the Fort end of the beach. We discussed the lighthouses and the idiot that built the house on Wood Island. Then we turned the corner......

A 'raft' of Common Eiders

Someone's snowman, made of the previous day's dumping

Georgetown, from Ft. Popham beach

Pond Island Lighthouse

The elegant and haunted looking house on Long Island.

Sequin Lighthouse, suprisingly around 2 1/2 miles off the point of Popham beach

This Georgetown residence really stands out!

Pond Island again

Mom with the 10D, I'm not sure who's winning

The house on Wood Island


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