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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jeepers Creepers!

I am privileged to have a couple of very large pine trees right behind my house. I love having them for the most part - unless it's stormy, then I threaten to cut them down.

I watch the bark very closely to see if it will move. I know, it sounds crazy - however I have a pair of Brown Creepers that evidently live nearby. They frequent my big pines, hopping in their vertical spirals looking for bugs hiding in the bark. They are very hard to photograph, mostly due to their camouflage coloring and because they are so darn quick! They may be creepy, but they can stop by my backyard anytime.

Tricky little creepy crawlies.

"Oh, do you want my good side? Is this better?"

Like I said, they move fast. I put this picture in so you can see what they look like, even though it's blurry. :)


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