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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A blast of Gold amidst a snowstorm

Friday's storm was not a welcome one, not by my standards anyway. I want grass to show (even if it's brown) and tulips to start popping through the ground. It was a heavy, wet snow that accumulated to around 7" total here in my area - enough to plow but with the ground warming up you really can't. I didn't even bother to shovel to be honest, it's warm enough to make it melt. It's April.

The Goldfinches are starting to brighten up - literally - they are changing color and singing up a storm, picking away at my White Birch tree fuzzies that are starting to sprout from the limbs. They were certainly a cheery sight on a gloomy snowy day.

"Hey lady, you got any thistle seeds in there?"

This is what we woke up to - around 5:30 AM 

Busy feeders - there's that American Tree Sparrow again!

In a rare sighting, BOTH cats, tail to tail, watching 'Sliding Glass Door TV'

It truly was a slam dunk of a storm.


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