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Sunday, March 6, 2011

A road trip from Pine Point to Fortune's Rocks

Mom, you should-ah bought this truck a long time ago - I have a WINDOW!

I piled the kid and the dog in the truck - yes I typed 'truck' - on Saturday and headed on a road trip, knowing it was going to snow again and not wanting to be trapped for the whole weekend. This was, of course, the end of our vacation and I wasn't going to let it in cooped up.

Yes, I bought a truck. A Toyota Tundra four-door with 4 wheel drive and a V8. I love my new truck, and it rides oh so comfortable. After my two door Pontiac Sunfire it feels like riding in a bus, especially to Samantha (who has never had a window to stick her nose out the window of). I digress.

We started at Pine Point, parked next to the Fisherman's Co-Op overlooking the  river. We counted Eiders, Black ducks, Canadian Geese, Long Tails and numerous gulls. It was way too cold to get out, so we moved on. We headed down Rt 9 / Seaside Avenue to Camp Ellis and stopped at the marina next to the breakwater to see what was out there. More Eiders and Black ducks as well as a Common Merganser were floating around there. I spotted a Gray Catbird hiding in a rosebush. We snuck around Eastern Avenue to overlook the open ocean then headed up Rt 9 towards Biddeford. Aftern manuevering through the crazy streets of Biddeford, we stayed on Rt 9 and headed back towards to the coastline to find Biddeford Pool and Fortune's Rocks. There we found surfers and beach walkers, a few Common Buffleheads and Greator Cormorants. Good times were had by all, and we made it home safely - in time to bring the Monkey ice skating again. :) It's going to hurt going back to work.

Pine Point @ the Fisherman's Co-Op

Canadian Geese at the Refuge area on Rt. 9, headed to Camp Ellis

Mockingbird hiding in the Rose Hips @ Camp Ellis

Merganser in the chilly waters off Camp Ellis

Surfers off Fortune's Rocks beach

Come on Monkey!

Biddeford Pool

Oh, I ♥ windows! This is GREAT!


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