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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bug Light - South Portland

After our trip on the Eastern Promenade, we crossed the Million Dollar bridge from Portland into South Portland and followed Broadway to Bug Light park. There was plenty of parking, most people were passing through as part of the Harborwalk Trail. We weren't looking to walk quite that far.

Bug Light Park is a nice little place for a picnic, flying a kite, fishing for Stripers, Blues or Mackerel, a great overlook of the harbor and into Portland or just soaking up some sun and smelling some fresh salt air. I've photographed a few sets of Senior Portraits there as well. The park contains the Portland Breakwater Lighthouse - endearing called 'Bug Light' - as well as a memorial for the New England Shipbuilding Corporation and it's workers. The following is an excerpt from Wiki:
In 1940, the Todd-Bath Iron Shipbuilding Corp (later called the “East Yard”) was established to build cargo ships for Britain. When the United States became involved with World War II, the shipyard expanded to include the South Portland Shipbuilding Corp. (aka the “West Yard”), that later combined with the Todd-Bath yard to become the New England Shipbuilding Corporation. These shipyards built 236 of the 440 foot (134 m) long Liberty ships, more than 10 percent of all the Liberty ships constructed during the war years. At its peak, the shipyard employed some 30,000 people, including thousands of women, who took over the jobs vacated by men going into the service. The shipyard gradually ceased operations after the war ended in 1945.

It's amazing the history we have right under our feet.

"Bug Light" with Portland's East End (where the Eastern Promenade is) in the background.

Male Common Eider - such handsome creatures!

Female Eider

Long-Tailed ducks (aka Old Squaws) - they were babbling up a storm!

Common Mergansers

A Common Loon, still in his winter suit. Time to change up!

That's quite the mouthful he has...

Oh, the Long Tails must have figured out which direction they wanted to go in

I always take the time to say hi to Memere - she was a fantastic lady ♥ and a very good friend

Downtown Portland

East End - it's hard to see but close to the water is the Eastern Prom trail

A Song Sparrow singing his heart out!

A monument that stands at the entrance explaining how homes were torn down in order to build the shipyard.


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