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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowshoing and sliding the Gorham Country Club

Sunday after hanging out at Mighty Hill we went to the Gorham Country Club (aka the Golf Course) so that monkey could slide a little more, but mom could get in some shoein'. It was overcast and a little chilly by this time but we didn't care, already chilled from our previous adventure.

The club has acres of pristine snow, but I chose to follow where others had snowshoed before me. It was deep off the beaten path and it made traveling much easier. I didn't stray far from the sliding area so I could keep an eye on the monkey, who was in no mood to strap on his shoes and come with me. The snowshoe and cross-country skiing trails snake throughout the property and one could easily walk for miles. I would suggest this as a close to home and easy place to hike at any time of the winter.

Park in the country club parking lot and head across the street. The trails head out, but the sliding area is to the right.

Looking out towards the East

More sliding!

Fox, I assume



A cross country skier heads out towards the pond. Next time I come, I'm going thatta way. :)


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