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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mighty Hill - Our new snowboarding friends

Monkey met some people the last time he went to Mighty Hill with his father and I heard all about this guy. He was 'so cool' because he had a snowboard and was willing to teach monkey how but his father was had said no. Well, he showed up today and when the monkey asked his response was "the board is in my truck little guy, if your mom says it's ok and you go get it you can ride it".

Of course the monkey ran to get it. And I said yes. I think I see a snowboard purchase in our near future.

Talking 'Gary' into letting him borrow the board

Oh jeez, he looked way too comfortable

Ok, this is how you strap them on...

Heading him off down the hill.... Go buddy!

"You got it, keep your arms out!" Everyone is watching, I would have been so nervous!

Ummm, I don't think that's how it's done - first diggah

Monkey wasn't the only one trying for the first time...

Getting more and more confident

Getting help taking the strap off from one of the big boys

Yes Grammie, he had to try it too..

He didn't get far... :)

Saying thanks and goodbye - hoping next weekend they can go at it again


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