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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Overnight visitors

Saturday morning wake-up call came with chilly toes on the hardwood floor. I peeked at the temperature - at the time is was -5 or close to. It wasn't until I got coffee in me that I realized I should take a picture of the thermometer.

As the day was warming up and I was sipping my coffee peering out the window, I noticed a disturbance in the snow that I didn't remember being there the day before. I got out the binocs and realized that the deer had been all through the back yard during the night.

During my ritualistic 8:00 AM weekend call to 'Grammie G' I was explaining the new tracks to her when I noticed a white flag and movement in the woods - those deer must have been seriously hungry, because they were within a hundred yards of the house in broad daylight.

Later in the day, between building a snow park and cleaning up the yard, I walked the yard to see just who had been in the back yard..... this is what I saw.

Brrrrr - and this was later in the morning

Looks like a mouse went that way....

Gut instinct says.... Junco.

The deer were eating the tops of last year's saplings

Who's been walking in my tracks?

I love how the sun sparkles on fresh snow

Instead of 'crop circles' these are 'deer circles'

They were smart to stay in our snowshoe tracks

Bluejay, I say

Monkey and I deliberated over this for awhile and decided it was created by..... aliens.

Someone's crawl space - probably filled with acorns

Are these the deer that tracked up our fresh snow?

More mousey tracks

And that's the scoop. I mean poop.


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