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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our Snow Day - before sunup to after sundown

January 12th. After the over-exuberent hype for storm we had just after Christmas and the 'blizzard' that turned into more of a snow cone, I think the media was a little leery about fumbling another touchdown. As such, they held back a little on this storm until late Tuesday when they started dropping bombs like 8 - 16 inches depending on where you were. Oh yeah, and the Boston area with around 24 - 28 inches. Huh?

Anyway. I had decided that if they called off school I was taking the day off. My car makes me nervous and I'm not driving anywhere for anyone if my life is on the line. We made the best of it. I had a Shepard's Pie in the oven by 10:30 and a chicken casserole done by 11:30. There - power - I dare you to go out. I can heat both up over my propane bunson burner if I have to. Monkey played outside most of the morning, coming in to warm up a few times but outdoors for the most part. The neighbors had us plowed out by 1:00 and I finished shoveling not long after that. Then we played outside, warmed up with a game of Monopoly, and then went back outside and played some more.

This snow day stuff is exhausting. Seriously. I'm just very happy to have some snow to play in. :) Enjoy a pictorial of our day - we sure had a good time. Tomorrow will bring photos of my 'snow birds'.

I got a text at 5:00 am - no school for our district. I walked out and flicked on the back yard light - this is what I saw. I knew, right then, that this was going to be a long day.

Blowing up old water balloons to make them pop. I caught him in action here.

My new snow gauge.

Ok - now I feel better about the school cancellation - it was starting to really come down...

Monkey doesn't let being stuck inside get him down. He starts jumping around instead.

Lookout Celtics!

Psycho monkey in my window, trying to get let in

Oh to be a kid again and just not care about anything.

Snuggled up with Sammie having a cup of 'coffee'. Don't tell him it's just cocoa

Have I told you how much Samantha loves the snow? Oh yeah she does.

Whoo - hoo! Mom's outside!

I'm diggin' a hole. I'm diggin' a hole.

Come on, chase me!

Once again, the snowbanking is high enough to slide off from!

I'm doing that again!

Time for mom to do some 'shoein.

Our road, looking west

And East. The neighbors were out plowing in full force.

My new measuring stick - average snowfall? About 18"

Back out after supper and monopoly. This is how mom stays cool, and warm, all at once.

Digging tunnels in the driveway snowbank.

Boo! And that's it. He came in to take a bath and well, I started this. That's all folks!


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