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Monday, January 31, 2011

Mighty Hill - Sunday Sliding

There is a hill on corner of Rt 114 / Fort Hill Rd & Mighty street in Gorham Maine, just half way from Gorham Center to Sebago Lake in Standish. I've known about this hill since my late teens when my friends and I would drive down from Lisbon to come sliding. It's a massive hill and alot of fun, as you can see below. You just need to make sure the children know to walk up the hill on the sides, look out for other sliders and to just be careful.

You'll see below that not everyone plays by the rules...... :)

It is a mighty hill, and there's still room behind me for runout.

Here comes the monkey!

That's right, you keep climbing that hill....

Incoming! These girls were SOOO cute!

A little boy's infatuation. There's a snowmobile trail that runs the corner of the sliding area

Another cutie traversing the hill

It's all fun and games until the dads decide to play


Yardsale in the making!

Someone's wife is so proud


My kid sure can get great air

Fard looks a little nervous


This kid cart-wheeled all the way down, I have no pics because I was too busy wondering if I would have ot go pick him up!

Cheaters! This dad kept driving the 'mobile down to pick up his kid n' the sled!

This kid - I have no idea where his parents were. 


Here's that kid again - gosh he was cute though!

And this is where I'll end, for now - to be continued tomorrow! :)


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