When you're a 40 something single mother of a teen with lots of ambition, you find yourself in all kinds of interesting adventures and situations. Come back to laugh at us any time you feel the need, heaven knows where we'll be doing what next. Here you can expect a few words, a lot of images and hopefully ideas on what you can do for your next adventure.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

A few minutes off the back porch

Mrs. Nuthatch, just prior to deciding the back porch wasn't all that bad...

"I've always wanted to try pole dancing...."

One happy little Chickadee

Just hanging around

Is that a.... hammer? Oh dear Lord, what is he up to now?!

I got the hammer away from him, he decided to go cut trees instead.

I added old Christmas tree parts to the back porch for extra 'cover'

My baby girl

Looks like someone has been roosting in the Chickadee house....

The Pileated's favorite lunch place


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