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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Soccer seclusion

I think I might have told you all I was enrolling the monkey into travel soccer this past summer. I thought it would be great for him - you know, the kids from our neighboring towns could be playing against him in high school! Lot's of different people to meet, new friends - yeah, that sounds great!

I have been to two practices per week and up to three games in one day (sometimes four a weekend) in the last month and a half and man, let me tell you that we've both beel sleeping like babies. I saw the monkey grow and change and learn the game and how it's supposed to be played, instead of the 'Seagulls on a French Fry' mentality and he played as a Forward for half the game and goalie the other half.

Our last games are on Sunday - all Hallows day - all three of them and then we're done until next year. I did sign him up for indoor soccer this winter, but it's one night a week on the weekends. We're going to try juggling in basketball as well, I think after this I could handle that. The league has made me an offer to be their photographer for next year in lieu of entry fees. I'm still thinking about that one. :)

 The windup......

....and the kick. People were amazed at how far he could kick the ball as a goalie. If they only knew how many times I yelled out the door for him to quit kicking that ball over the house, they would understand.

Uh - he threw a shoe! See it? Right between the boys heads. Now, if he would TIE his shoes instead of jamming his feet into his cleats, this wouldn't happen. =o) 

 Run buddy, RUN!

But it wasn't all hard work, here monkey plays with a team mates little sister.

And they cheered on other teams within their league

And got to hold a really cute little baby

He's asking for a little brother or sister again now - oye!

And hang out with new friends

And paint his hair green for tournaments


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