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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Sebago end of the Mt. Division Trail with friends

Last weekend a friend and I decided to take the boys for a little hike on the Sebago end of the Mt. Division Trail, so the 'A' team picked us up around 11 on Sunday. After filling out the appropriate water disctrict property paperwork we headed down the path.

First stop was at the sand pit. I was hoping to get a glimpse of some Snow Buntings but with all three boys yelling and whooping it up, that was out of the question. The boys charged down the steep slope down towards the water and probably scared away everything in a 2 mile radius around us. :) I told them to head down towards the cat-n-nine tails and see if the polywogs were still swimming ok and the screams of shock and awe that followed told me that they were. They laughed and squealed over the big, fat wogs that were writhing and splashing all over the shallow waters around the plants. I pointed out a small school of tiny shiners that were most likely released into the pond for capture over the winter when fresh bait supplies are in demand by all those fishing Sebago lake. After throwing rocks for a minute, we clambered back up over the embankment and back onto the trail.

Second stop was more of necessity than for pleasure as two women walking at least 6 barking and very unhappy shepards appeared around the corner. We herded the boys down the embankment and towards a small watery area to throw more stuff and let the dogs pass us by (they even made me nervous and I don't ever get like that) and after they were out of site we hit the trail again. Only for a minute or two though, because it started to rain. We turned the kids around and headed back the way we had came.

**listen, I know what you're thinking "She doesn't melt!". I have news for you, I do melt and have a phone with the Weather Channel on it - I looked at the radar and we were going to get soaked!**

We made it back to the car without getting too wet and the boys were definitely no worse for the wear. It was good to get out with the A's, and I'm sure we'll be doing it again soon enough.

Monkey holds up a very pretty maple leaf

Praying Mantis, probably praying for the kid to put her down.

The three stooges and a Mantis

See how the water in front of them is boiling? Polywogs!

If you look at the water you can actually see them

Dead shiner

I tried for a group shot, but one just didn't want to oblige

So the other two gave up

And I still won out and got the picture

I see you!

"Peuw! Peuw!"



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