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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hiking the Bauneg Beg Mountain trail

We knew it was going to be a much cooler day today, so Monkey and I planned on going hiking somewhere. After much deliberation, I chose Bauneg Beg Mountain. I'd heard about the area through the Maine Birding list as well as stumbling across the name here and there while searching for hiking trails.

I have a ton of pictures below and should let them do the talking - so some minor details. The entire trail is about a mile long. It's not all that strenuous however there steep dropoffs around Middle Peak so watch the small children. Views are 'eh' from Middle Peak, North Peak has none. It took us longer to get there and find the place than it did to take the entire hike, it was worth it.

You can find more information, including a trail map, at the Bauneg Beg Mountain Conservation Area website.

The trailhead sentry

Blackberries growing on the woodline, almost ready for a trailside snack!

It was a toss-up, we chose Ginny's way. When we came back down the loop we realized it was the right choice.

Partridgeberry was growing all over the trail

Rosy Russula is one of the many toadstools we spotted along the way....

.....as well as what I believe could be a Blue-Pored Polypore


Indian Pipes! I haven't seen these in years!

The trail split at Middle Peak

To the North

A severly beat-up Red Spotted Purple rests in the sunshine.

Mt. Washington

Monkey checks out the area called "Devil's Den"

It's hard to make out, but the rocky overhang was crazy. No wonder it has a name like that!

We chose North Peak Trail

This could be a White Fiber Head, I got bored trying to find it in my book. :)


North Peak

Lightening remnants

We found compass parts, here Monkey tests it out


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