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Thursday, August 26, 2010

August, in a nutshell

Wow - it's been a long time since I last blogged! It's amazing how quickly the time can get away from you. Let's see if I can run this down quickly....

Soccer has started, practice is two nights a week and the first game is Sunday - I'm sure there will be a pictorial blog about that!

School starts on Monday the 30th. Where did summer go?

My niece made it back to Maine from her summer trip to the Southern States, I think I've seen more of her since her return than I have the past few years. We even made it to Crescent Beach for an afternoon and the three of us had a fantastic day. I finally got my Park Pass to the point where with anotehr 50 cents, I will have made up for the cost of the pass and there's plenty of time to start making the profit end.

Monkey outright refuses to spend the night at his father's at all now, putting a little extra stress on me. He got a free pass earlier in the month because there was a weekend when his dad couldn't take him, now he just won't do it. My idle time has been deduced to the few and far between times I can stay up longer than he does.

He lost the palate expander and gained a retainer and 6 temporary braces. The intention of the braces is to keep the space open to allow that one tooth to drop down, what it's done is turn mom into the toothbrush natzi. It's amazing what can get caught up in all that metal.

Samantha is in 'shed stage', where she's dropping clumps of fur everywhere even though she's being brushed on a regular basis. The fur balls rolling through the house growl at snap at your ankles as you walk by. I could vaccum every day and still not get it all. I brushed enough out of her last weekend that when rolled and compressed to it's smallest possible shape was the size of a large cantelope. This too shall pass, it happens twice a year.

I completed a Senior Portrait photo shoot this past weekend and have a set of 'preggo pics' to do this weekend. She's due in two weeks and wants belly pictures taken, hopefully she can hold out long enough!

My backyard birdies are hogging up all the food they can. I have at least 4 and maybe more Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds that are easily going through 2 cups of sugar water a week. The Bluejays and Chickadees are back at the feeders on a regular basis and I bet if I had the time to quietly watch I would see much more than that.

The weather has finally started to cool off a little and I noticed that we've lost about an hour of sunlight. Trees are turning color, pumpkins are ripe a little prematurely and apples are ready for the picking. I do believe we're going to have a very early fall - hopefully the weather stays as it is right now until November. We finally got some rain this week too, my lawn was looking rather crispy so it was definitely needed.

We haven't really gone anywhere or done anything since our last climbing adventure, I think we need to change that very soon. I promise I won't be so naughty and will blog more often. I've just been one busy mom.

Brace Face and the monster cat.

Monkey and Heddah playing in the sand at Crescent Beach

Oh, what a pair they are


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