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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August? Already?

The Maine air is starting to have that familiar chill to it in the evenings and early mornings, the kind that makes one feel extra sleepy and not want to climb out of bed. With the start of August, it's hard to believe that back to school and Labor Day are right around the corner. Soccer practice officially starts this week. My mind has been deviating to thoughts of preparing for fall, and then winter. Wasn't I just complaining about the humidity?

The feeder birds are starting to look familiar as well; Mourning Doves, Goldfinches, White-Breasted Nuthatches, Chickadees, Blue Jays, Chipping Sparrows, Purple Finches, Indigo Buntings and Hairy Woodpeckers are common diners. The Savanah Sparrows have returned, there were two here this morning. The Hummingbirds remain regulars for now, feeding from the red and white spouts on their feeder. I heard the Cardinals calling from the back forest yesterday after a long period of silence and the Bluebirds are amongst the missing with their babies in tow.

The Grey Squirrels have exploded in population and I have new Red Squirrels appearing as well. Evidently the summer has proven very well for the long-tailed rat population. I haven't seen a chipmunk in weeks, perhaps they are tending to their young? I'm hoping for a few hawks to clean up the squirrely numbers for me.

Monkey and I are ill again - go figure - with a 'summer cold'. Each are sporting wonderful temperatures of 100+ and sore throats that could almost feel like Strep if the pain was more prevalent. It's made for a few days of isolation and much needed cleaning, I have a Craigslist posting for 60 Boys shirts for $30.00 - hey, who knows? It feels like a good old fashioned 'Fall Cleaning'.... in between naps and rest that is.

With the weather the way it is - depending on our health status - we should plan on doing some hiking this weekend. There - that will give me something to do this afternoon.... I need to find us a place to go. I'll have to leave you with a few fuzzy photographs taken on my cellie-oh phone at L.L.Bean last weekend of the Monkey in the Fishtank. You can literally climb inside a bubble and be 'at one with the fish'. :) That's seriously all I've taken pictures of in weeks. Something is wrong with me.

Monkey in a fishbowl, hanging with a few very large Brook Trout

He wouldn't sit still! Here he's making friends with a Brookie (top) and a Rainbow (bottom) Trout


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