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Saturday, July 17, 2010

A short visit to Crescent Beach State Park on a very hot evening

89 degrees at 5:30 in the evening. That's how this blog sort of begins.

The forecast was for 90 degrees on Saturday, and we easily hit that mark during the day. We woke up bright and early and had our bag packed to go to Sebago beach first thing this morning. We picked up the Bubster and squeaked through the town of Sebago just before they had their ceremonial parade to start Sebago Days and were in line to enter the park by 9:15. At 9:30 we were claiming our real estate on an already packed beach. We spent the day there playing in the sand and the waves (it was windy so the rollers were coming in sometimes 2 feet high!) and left around 2:30. I dropped the boys off at Bubster's house to play in the pool and they returned back to my care around 5:00. The house was too hot with no way to immediately remedy the situation and I looked at the temperature. 89 degrees - yes, I said it again. We piled in the car and headed to Crescent Beach State Park in Cape Elizabeth.

When we arrived it was 6:00 and although the parking lot was pretty much empty, there were still alot of people on the beach. It was cooler there with a nice sea breeze, and boys being boys they pretty much jumped right into the cool Atlantic ocean. There have been issues just to the South at the Old Orchard beaches with rip tides, with more rescues counted than I can count on one hand and one death within the past week - I was happy to see that the waters off Crescent were calm amid the rolling waves crashing the shoreline. We walked the beach for a little bit, then the boys settled in the freshwater stream that works it's way through the sand and empties into the ocean and I sat back and watched the show. We stayed until the park rangers were starting to make their rounds and we regretfully made our way back to stuffy Buxton. As I type, it's still 81 degrees. Ugh - time to hit the shelter of my air-conditioned bedroom.

Our next beach day has been decided. Crescent, look out - here we come.

You just can't keep boys out of the water

I think it's cold, but we should just do it anyway....

Female Common Eiders and their young hang toward the shoreline

A Common Tern finds himself a snack

The boys find a freshwater pool to hang in. Looks like a sauna to me.....

A Great Black-Backed Gull found himself a snack of a more human kind.

Sea Roses in bloom

Ahh, they almost look fake!

Bittersweet, prepared for the fall

Honeysuckle berries, somehow unscathed by berry-eating birds!

Down on the boardwalk.....

The boys play in the freshwater eddy

Rinse off gents! It's time to go....


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