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Sunday, July 11, 2010

My molecular entities are threatening to become molten

Five chubby Renees, standing in a row
The sun started shining and what do you suppose?
One chubby Renee said 'Phew, it's hot!'
And disappeared completely 'cause she melted on the spot!

I feel much like Frosty the Snowman must have that fateful day that he melted away. "Gee, it sure is hot!" keeps running through my mind. Eventually, if the weather continues, all that will be left of me is a puddle and some clothes. Did you know that an object that has melted completely is considered "molten"?

Let me assure you that although it appears as though I'm complaining as you read this, I'm really just whining through my fingertips as they rattle across the keyboard. Two weeks of high heat and humidity with another week of it ahead of us and I'm thinking that a foot of snow is sounding pretty good right now. Polar opposite to last February when I was wishing that the vista was green and not white. I suppose that just proves that I appreciate Fall the most. I was watching the oscillating fan wave back and forth and figured I needed to do something intelligent before my brain melted. Here I sit <>

Maybe I'll just go shopping.


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