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Thursday, July 8, 2010

The dog days of summer

It's been ungodly hot here, for days in the 90's with high humidity. Makes it hard to do much of anything - let alone an adventure, so we've been laying low. We did hit Sebago State Park last weekend, only to have a woman pretty much place her beach chair in my lap. I have a ton of patience, until someone encroaches my personal space. It was fun regardless, I really do like it there. Since a report came out where a nearby beach on the lake was loaded with ecoli, I do believe it's time to switch from the warming fresh waters over to the fridgid Atlantic seawater. I like rolling in the surf anyway, and I hear that the ocean temp has now reached 63 degrees! Whoo! Here are pics from what is probably one of our last trips to Sebago for the season....

Mr. Cool

Never too old to dig in the sand

Monkey's new body board. He found it on the beach a week earlier, turned it into the lost and found and it wasn't relcaimed..... so it's his and is he ever proud

Our beach space - CLAIMED

At 10:30 am.... to our left

and to our right....

Monkey relaxing

Too cold to stay in, too hot to come out. That's when it's time to just go home. ♥


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