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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sebago Lake State Park

Thursday was an overcast and semi-rainy day, but Friday was definitely a beach day here in Maine. Because Monkey and I don't really care, we spent both days at Sebago Lake State Park beach. Thursday was a non-issue, the beach was virtually empty and we had run of the place all we wanted. That is, after we spent 30 minutes in the car waiting for a torrential downpour to complete it's course. Friday was incredible - the water was calm and cool, the sun was bright and warm, the people around us were polite and funny and the hoards of them that arrived all had one thing in common - sun and fun.

The trick to this beach is to come early, stake a piece of waterfront real estate and spread your stuff out so there's no room for invasion of privacy. We went for one trip last year on a Saturday, got there bright and early and being a newbie kept our space to a minimum. Within the hour, I was rubbing elbows with people on either side of me and we had people stacked behind us three deep (NOT my idea of a relaxing afternoon!). No more weekends there for us, evenings and weekdays are ok.

The water is crystal clear and cool, the beach is very clean and has a perfect slope to it. The swimming area is enclosed with ropes and bouys to keep the motorboats away from the bathing babes. The parking area and walking trails are within stands of large white pines and loaded with Brown Creepers, Pine Warblers, Red and White Breasted Nuthatches, Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers and on occasion, I could hear an Ovenbird calling in the near distance. There is a playground for the kiddies, a Snack Shack with all the essentials - including Cheeseburgers, and a bath house for changing. We saw Geese and Common Mergansers toting along their young and watched an Osprey sail past in search of dinner and both days got to see White-Tailed deer along the roadway leading in/out.

I would only recommend this location if you were A) visting on a weekday and were planning on getting there early or B) have alot of patience.

The beautiful part for us is that we travel Route 114 on our way home, which places us in the direct path of Richard's Dairy & Seafood. Two medium soft-serve cones (one with rainbow jimmies, one chocolate dipped) runs around $5.00 and they are big enough to stuff one's face and provide a bellyache if you aren't careful. :) The food is fantastic there as well, so long as you remember it's a fast food joint in a small tourist town.

Pictures were taken on Thursday, there were far too many people for me to haul out my big camera in front of Friday (I wanted to swim without fear of it disappearing!).

One of the handful of White-Tailed Deer we saw on the roadways. A little on the tame side, I think...

He looks frozen, but the water was actually very nice!

As the 'monster' points out, there are numerous picnic tables for use along the beachfront

Uh oh - that does NOT look good! Pack up! Quick!

Muscle man is up for the challenge.

Waiting out the rain in the car, eating a little lunch

Car Goons

The sunshine returned, let the sand castle building begin!

Much nicer looking sky, eh?

The shower also cleaned out the beach!

Swim ma! Swim!

 Mrs. Merganser takes her babies for a 'stroll' along the beach

Counting down the minutes until his shift is over

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