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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Bluebird chronicals, continued.........

The big, fat Bluebird babies finally fledged on June 1st - just after a day of my complaining through blogging that they would never come out. I lost sight of the five babies until one morning about a week later - there were all five of them sitting in the large Oak out front, Mr and Mrs B not far behind. Now I see them on a regular basis, flitting and flirting with the bugs in the back yard - mom and dad still in tow - but not for much longer.... I busted Mrs. B in the juniper nestbox on the 23rd and upon further inspection, she's built herself another nest. It's incredible to watch her babies using her new box as a launching pad for bugging, as she pokes her head out encouraging them with warbles of wisdom. ♥

Mrs. B eyes me suspiciously as I try to find her babies in the thick growth

 Always a watchful eye on the babies

 Four of the five fledglings - one week after leaving the nestbox

21 days post leaving the nest, the babies are not babies anymore - fully capable of feeding themselves

 "Where did that bug go? I know it was right here?!"

 Mom and Dad watch the feeding frenzy show

 In a ninja move by Mrs. B, she sits in the box on a completed nest! How cool - two broods!

Mr. B wing-waves to the wife and kids, and a goodbye to you. Just for now. :)


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