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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Yesterday's blog today, aka. a Day late & a Dollar short.

I'm pretty disappointed, last night I wrote a whole blog and went to add photographs and my Norton Antivirus decided it didn't like the picture program and closed the whole window. Grrr - I was exhausted after spending the day in the bright sun and fresh air and tossed in the towel - that was my sign to go to bed.

After having elastics shoved between his teeth in order to make room for his Palate Expander, the monkey decided he wanted to stay with me this weekend instead of visiting his father. No complaints on dad's end, so he's here. Mom and I believe he just wanted to see what the Easter Bunny would leave him as much as anything else. I will admit that his teeth hurt him pretty bad - you know it when a kid asks for tylenol.

Yesterday was phenomenal. Monkey and I sat on the steps from 7 in the morning until almost 9. I sipped my coffee while we counted the birds we saw and heard - 19 species and 161 feathered friends in an hour. I would say that spring has sprung. My highlight was when our local pair of Phoebes lit in the birch tree and belted out a 'good morning' to let us know they were back. The Cardinal sang for at least an hour, the Flicker did a fly-by, four Killdeer landed in the field and the Pileated couple called to each other from behind the house and across the street. In the afternoon we had Turkey Vultures and a lone Eagle circle the house at various times. A female Bluebird twerdled from the top of the large oak in our neighbor's yard. The Cardinals stayed close by, making their prescence well known. I swear I saw the Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks, but it's too early yet. My mind musta been playing tricks on me. The tempurature hit 75 degrees here officially (weather.com), 82 in the back yard (my thermometer). I could hear the grass growing. We cooked on the grill. The boys stayed in shorts and t-shirts outside right up to 8:00 last night, I made it until 6:00.

I guess it's safe to say that yesterday was Summer in Maine, hopefully today won't be Fall. 

I ♥ the Phoebe

Practice time!

Owl pellet or Fox scat? You decide. I know I have a fox or two out back and have never heard an Owl here, but this looks very interesting....

I moved all the feeders away from the house and back on the treeline. Everyone is so confused this morning, but they are figuring it out. Last Easter there was snow on the ground, this year the grass is turning green!


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