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Monday, April 19, 2010

"We went fishing, not catching" was his answer

Today is a little overcast and windy, not exactly picture perfect fishing weather but pretty darn close to it. Good 'nuff for the our first fishing outing anyway. We stopped at many places, saw many things, talked to many people and even got harassed by a couple of blackflies. Life is good.


First stop was Sebago Lake / Stickey River, mostly because it's an old favorite. We saw Canadian Geese, Mallards, Painted Turtles and a man in a truck trying to call in an Osprey, but caught no fish.

The cool fisherman

Monkey actually took this photo - how proud am I? Oh, and it's a Painted Turtle

Second stop was the other piece of the Stickey River on 114. Heard a Tufted Titmouse singing his heart out and monkey caught a tree and an aerator made to run on batteries and use with a bucket. 'Nuff said.

This was just before the big catch of the day, an aerator

Third stop was the dock located at the Standish end of Sebago Lake, well known for salmon. Monkey perfected his casting there, loosing all the rustiness of winter and whipping that line out much farther than the man fishing next to him. Well, ok - I'm a little biased and the guy was fly fishing... But monkey was really casting up a storm! There we saw two loons working the water and noone else catching a thing.

And of course, he tried to 'catch' the Loon too

The lake was just as choppy and cold as it looks in this photo

The Motley Fishing Crue. I bet they were some happy to see us leave!

Next we stopped at TJ's store and got italians, chips and drinks and sat right there in the store and ate. I've never had a sandwich taste so good!

We then tried to fish Gorham Pond, but the wind was against that theory. We moved on.

We drove down into Dundee Park to see if the gate was lifted, but it wasn't. We decided to toss a line into the Presumpscot River while we were right there. Instead Monkey tried to loose his favorite lure in the fir tree but fortunately we got it back.

Yeah, right. Empty handed.

Did you notice that Fir tree in the previous picture just dying for monkey to get his lure caught? Yeah, it got it's wish.

Pondering the ways he could get it down. Immediately following this shot, he started throwing rocks. I ran for the hills.

Ahhh, he got lucky this time! No wonder it's his lucky fishing lure!

Last stop was the Covered Bridge, also on the Presumpscot River. The wind couldn't reach us there but the sun could - it was marvelous. We stayed there for quite some time, relishing the sun shining off swift clear water. At least until the blackflies got so bad we were driven away! As I was putting our stuff back in the car a woman stopped to ask if we were catching anything. Monkey piped up with our fishing mantra - "We are fishing, not catching". The woman smiled a bright, cheery smile - "I like that alot, don't ever stop telling people that. As a matter of fact, I'll have to tell my daddy that - he'll love it. He used to say that as soon as the leaves were as big as mouse ears, the fish were biting. That's my saying to pass on to you." How sweet was she?! Before we left I spotted an Osprey soaring over the river - finally, that's my first of the year.

I ♥ this place

Hard to believe she's still standing

Fine granite work right there!

An apparition or a blackfly? If only Zak Bagans was around to freak out and try to talk to it.

I shouldah left him there. ;)

I enjoyed myself so much today that now I wish I had taken the whole week off. I suppose, it'll be better in June when the fish are really biting. Then we can go 'catching'.

Ahhhh. The trunk looks complete again. ♥


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