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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Teleconverting millimeters and a coating of the white stuff

The power struggle between cleaning and blogging is on, and I think blogging just took the lead.

It's been a busy week, work, baseball pratice, dental appointments and another round of illness - this time for the monkey - ate away at what precious little time I have. I don't do well without ample time for planning or time to stop in between tasks, it's just me and who I am.

Anyhoot and hollah..... I think it's well known that the bluebirds chose the nestbox that is perfectly viewed from my kitchen island, and as I sit here now I can watch them flying in and out with nesting materials. I currently own a 75-300 mm lens for my camera that is pretty sufficient, albeit the cheaper of the possible models I could own. On the docket next was a super-charged Canon 300-a gazillion mm IS lens, something that would probably equal four mortgage payments. As I watched my handsome Mr. B flying around, I realized that perhpas that wasn't the route to take. Instead, I conducted a little online reasearch and found a 2x teleconverter for less than $100 that will make my 300mm into 600mm. AHA! It came in the mail just in time for the rain and snow but I plan on really putting it to the test today. What a difference it makes!

It's the part at the bottom of the lens. Hope it doesn't ruin my camera!

From my window at 300mm (without the converter)

From my window at 300mm (with the converter)

So yeah, I typed the word snow. When I woke up yesterday morning (Saturday) there was an inch of snow on the ground. They (the weather thugs) had been warning us for days it was coming, but after being in shorts and the sprinkler just a few days prior, I guess I was in denial. Maine is a volatile place to live, when they say 'if you don't like the weather, just blink' they aren't kidding. I just hope that we have a decent summer this year, we deserve it. HA! And as I typed that the sun just peered through the clouds. Perhaps just a tease?

I'm off to find something to do. No Monkey this weekend, he's with his dad. What to do.... what to do.....


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