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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How a bluebird puts a down payment on a house

Seriously, the choice has been made. They haven't left this box for days and have finally starting to bring nesting materials over to stake their claim. I assumed they were hauling pine needles and I was a little right, there are a few but it's mostly a dried grass material. Right at daylight they are both out there taking turns sitting on the roof and flying across the vast expanse of lawn, then pausing to perch at the top of my birch tree to soak up a little sun. It was so cold this morning, I'm really hoping Mrs. B can hold out a week or so before laying her clutch.

There is still competition for this box, when I went to go peek inside at the handiwork a pair of Chickadees were scoping things out - not sure if they are the same pair that Mrs. B tried to shoo away or not. They are determined little buddies! It reminds me a two couples trying to buy a house and one already has it under contract......the second couple can't help themselves but to drive by and hope it doesn't go through. :)


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