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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chickadee window shopping for nesting sites

With the warming of the weather, the Chickadees have been very curious about the nestboxes I've placed around the yard. I believe every box has now been inspected by a pair, if not the same pair checking on each box. They are so funny to watch.......

Nice location, decent price, I love the new exterior paint.....

Oh! New flooring! It looks like it's never been built on!

Hmmmm....... a little paint, a picture here and there, I can put the babies over there......

Direct view of the yard and it's really close to the 'Market.....Sweetie?! Come look at this one!

I don't know - this place has some really noisy neighbors. Just look at those kids in the sprinkler.

But honey... please? I'll give you a wing rub tonight...**wink, wink** Those kids won't bother a thing.

Hey honey! Check this one out - it has a cedar sauna!


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