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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cardinal Fury, Purple Finches and Yard Sale finds

Phew. It's been a long week. Long at work, long at home..... just a long week. I was happy to know that the weekend was coming. I had plans to get my mother and bring her down for the weekend but my car decided to foil that. The Check Engine light came on last Sunday and I figured I'd ride it out, however my trip to work on Friday produced a metallicie sulphurish smell that scared the crap out of me. The last thing I needed was to get stuck on the Maine Turnpike with a car that had crapped out. Needless to say, mom isn't here. I have an appointment in the morning for Corey to look at my car, while I look at Corey. He's a handsome little creature that works at my VIP Auto Center and makes the wait in the greasy waiting room that smells of stale coffee a little easier. Unfortunately tomorrow I will be in that greasy room with two little boys - Bubster is spending the night again tonight and that means he gets to go. Hopefully we get the remote to the TV.

I had quite the show this morning. My resident pair of Cardinals were feeding on the platform feeder when suddenly an incoming pair started a little territorial war. Not only were the Mr C's battling it out, so weren't the Mrs! Flashes of reds and orangie-browns were all over my back yard, I was in such awe that I never thought to grab my camera and try to a few pics. As quickly as it had started, it was done. Mr. C perched in the tree to have a look around and to preen a little - but I'm not sure if it's MY Mr C or a new Mr C.

Over the past few days I've also acquired a pair of Purple Finches. She showed up Thursday and has been hanging around steady, and I finally got my first glimpses of his majesty this afternoon. What a handsome creature he is! They keep going straight up into the big pine right behind the house, how cool would it be for them to nest right there.....

Speaking of nests, I've been checking my nestboxes periodically and on Wednesday found one filling up with moss. My first guess was a Chickadee, since the way it was placed formed a hole down to the base of the box that was bare on the bottom. I checked some books and found a few different species will use moss, but a Titmouse and a Chickadee will make that little 'burrow'. Sure enough, not long after the Finch sighting I busted a Chickadee poking his cute little face through the hole. I came right in and started my Nestbox log. I love Nestwatch, it's easy to use and I can go back for years and track what nested where. I have all 5 boxes registered and am just waiting to fill in the blanks!

I had to run some errands this morning and on my way home I spotted a yard sale sign, on the way by I noticed they had a bunch of patio furniture out there so I stopped to see what was up. She had a rattan set for far more money than I wanted to pay, but then I spotted a metal table/chair combo - $80.00. I asked if she could hold it for me until I could pick it up (I only have a car!) and she said she didn't mind at all. I talked to Bubster's dad and he swung by, grabbed me and we ran over to pick up the set. I'm impressed, the table isn't a whole lot to flip over but I love the chairs! And they are so comfortable! HA! I can check a patio set off my 'want' list now!

Mr C put one heck of a territorial display today!

Mrs. P Finch helps herself to a little din-din

Mr P Finch decided he would get himself a drink

Huh? I'm just sitting up here because of the great view. No seeds - I always keep my paws like this.

I checked the nest boxes today, this one had a little somethin' in it!

A little later in the day it was easy to see who the happy homemaker was!

Ta-da! My yard-sale chair!

I ♥ Yard Sales!

Cattie is a happy cat snuggled up with the boy. This is a miracle, trust me.


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