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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Backyard power struggles

I went to VIP this morning for my date with Corey, he and the other mechanic quickly determined that there really wasn't anything wrong with my car diagnostically, but I did need new Sway Bar links and an oil change. They fixed us up and we were out of there in no time. Thank goodness, I thought I would have to pay for a window, a wall and a soda machine by they time I got the boys out of there.

We were running a little early before the appointment, so we swung by Smiling Hill Farm to see how many ducks had accumulated at the ponds. There were only two male Mallards, but then I saw a medium sized bird swoop down to the water and back - a Kingfisher! We have Belted Kingfishers up here, he was so handsome until he lit in the tree and I realized there were two! Yeah! Another bird for the list! Then I was bummed - no camera! So not like me, but oh well - was more interested in getting the car fixed than taking pics.

Back at home, around noonish I was going to see if I could get some Sakrete around the base of the Birdhouse and Feeder poles for stability when I heard a familiar warbling - the Bluebirds! They were back! I ran in the house for the binoculars and my camera and sure enough, there they were. I watched them fighting off the Chickadees who had tried to stake a claim on the East Roadside nestbox but were obviously loosing the battle. Then Mrs. B set herself atop the Juniper box while Mr B sat on the Roadside box and they twerdled to each other louder and louder in a complete battle of wills, no doubt arguing over which box they liked better. It will be interesting to see which B wins out. They better hurry up and make up their minds, a pair of Swallows circled the field many times while all this went on. A pair was very close to stealing the long box I did have set up, but the Bluebirds took it over in the end. I'm so excited over the prospect of another brood of babies! :)

Speaking of which, I checked 'Woodline 1' box again and evidently yesterday's hub-bub was to add feathers and soft stuff as a liner to the inside of the nest. It looks so inviting!

Lots of other backyard business - birds galore as you can see below. I am one happy Backyard Mommie! ♥

 Chick Fight! Mrs. B and presumably Mrs. C duke it out over the precious 'New' Nestbox

Oh, this is really nice! Cedar!

 Not sure if I like the view of the crazies, but it's not bad with that tree kinda in the way....

Nice sized doorway...

 I suppose you're right about the door size...

But we need to put up a fence!

 Hey - this one isn't bad either!

 I'm staying right here where noone can see me (Savannah Sparrow)

I see Mr. Flashie-pants is back in town, flitting his bright blues to swoon all the girls.

Until the Sharp-Shinned Hawk did a fly-by, then they all disappeared.

'Yeah, well that Sharp Shinned thingie doesn't scare me! Bark!'

Dear Lord, I thank you for this plentiful meal and for the woman who provides it. Please don't let her shoot at me again. Amen.

An odd appearance by a Turkey Vulture, right at the treetops!

Handsome in the air, butt-ugly up close.

The Chickadees have added some nice fluffy stuff to line their nest

But you can still see the bottom right in the middle. Space for a futon maybe?


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