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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weird weather and new toys

Oh my - has it been a week already? I have a TON of new news to tell you - it's been a busy week.

I got my tax returns and paid off bills - check. Then I finally went back to work and jumped in with both feet (holy crap, I'm a busy person and I'm not sure how I do that!) - check. I ordered a Canon 50D with the 28-135mm IS lens (more on that later) - check. I ordered all my spring catalogs for fishing, outdoors, seeds, bulbs and trees - check. My life seemed pretty much back in order, good times - check. 

Then I realized, my birding was going downhill! I need the time change so I have more time in the evenings to watch my birdies! I have no time to write my blogs either! Gah! My thoughts turned to winning the lottery. Then suddenly, the monkey turned a fever of 101..... just what I needed to do some soul searching and get everything back in check! I could do all this before I got so sick, I was adjusted to balancing everything. It will come back to me. So, with a sick child I got Thursday off from work and then with that crazy weather system that charged in they cancelled school on Friday so we got a 'Get out of Jail Free' card.

During the storm Thursday we were pounded with around 10" of rain and some seriously high winds, but the big White Pines out back survived and we only lost the power a couple of times and only for a short period of time each. I was more put out when the lost cable and internet Friday night while Time Warner was probably out making repairs. As I love to remind my mother, 1 inch of rain equals approximately 1 foot of snow. It was sad to watch the poor drenched birdies fighting against the gusts of wind to get to the feeders for something to eat, but they survived too.

Then we woke this morning to about 1 1/2" of new snowfall. Jeez - I was just checking out my Tulips and Crocuses that were popping up through the ground yesterday! Almost March - not long now.

So - enough small talk, on to my new toy! I currently own a Canon 10D - a Digital SLR - that was bought around 2002 after merciless pleading on my part to the Ex. It was a hard sell, but I won out in the end. It's taken literally hundreds of thousands of photographs over the years, everything from Senior Portraits to brides throwing flowers to wildlife and landscapes. And a gazillion photographs of my son. With that kind of a sell, why deviate to another brand? The only downfall with the 10D was the DPI and Pixel range, which are grossly out of date. The solution? I picked me up the 50D with a lens included with the extra money from Uncle Sam. So now, I have all these lenses and flashes that are interchangable and two Digis to play with. My next purchase will be a big fat lens to pop on the end - my 80 - 300mm is a cheap-o but works pretty good for the money. I'm fancying a 100 - 400 mm, but the price tag is pretty big. Time to start pinching pennies! I can just imagine the close-ups I could get with that! Sa-weet!

Cropped and enlarged three times and it still looks great!

I need a UV filter though!

There she is! All big and bad and stuff

Peeka wanted to use it too, but I said no

Haircap Moss

Ronald ain't got nothin' on me!

The sunrise this morning, and my car's antenna

Right after I yelled at him for writing on the car

The self-portrait of a monkey

Proud of his new book


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