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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

That's what we get for laughing at the Southern States

Well, three weeks without snow during the absolute heart of winter in Maine must be some sort of record. Especially when everyone else in the country has been pummeled with feet - not just mere inches - FEET of the white stuff. My lawn was just about bare with the exception of where the trucks had plowed the excess into piles. I actually had an opportunity to rake up the dog's landmines - in February. Go figure. Well, any time now that's about to end - the prediction is 6 - 10" in my area. I guess that's what we get for laughing.

Monkey and I bailed out of bed just before 7:00 and strapped on some shoes to go for a walk before the apocolypse hit. I had just stepped out the side door and was stopped in my tracks - I had spooked the Bluebird from the White Birch and as I watched he soared over the field and out of sight. I stood there for a minute - did I really just see that? He must have been hanging out where the Nestbox is when I burst out the door. After our walk, I immediately went out and hung some of my peanut butter 'suet' in hopes of giving him something to eat, but I haven't seen him since. What a stark contrast he was to the bleak background. I hope it's a good sign! I'm assuming all that crazy weather down south is driving some birds northward.

We must be in for something major, the Red Squirrels have never been on the back porch (or at least not to my knowledge) but today needed food badly enough to hop up. If they were the only ones I would let him eat all day - look how cute he is! It's those darn Gray Squirrels that ruin everything. In between scaring the squirrels out of the feeders I had hoards of Goldfinches at the porch and turkeys cleaning up the ground. It hasn't really stopped since, all my regulars are hanging out at the bar.

Nothing like a snow day and a round of Uno

Well, other than a quick walk that is....

Well, I supposed we'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what all that snow will do to us. I just hope I wake up tomorrow and the Bluebird is back. :)


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