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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The plot thickens - new doctor, new diagnosis, new medication.

Well, after hearing the depressing news that my X-Ray was clear (no signs of pneumonia) last night I didn't sleep very well. If not that, what the heck is it then? I called the doctor's office back this morning and proceeded with the business end of a hissy fit. My appointment was promptly scheduled for 12:45. Unfortunately, my doctor didn't get the note until around 1:30 - or at least that's when they called me into the examination room. I was freezing by the time they got me in there and wow - my body stuffs were off the charts. My BP was 114/88, my pulse rate was around 125. My tempurature - while not outstanding - was around 99.3 (a far cry from the 97.2 I woke up with).  I ended up with a student doctor who requested that I start from the beginning - I opened up my three page binder and started rattling everything off from symptoms to what I ate the previous day (the poor thing could hardly keep up). She then left the room to find Dr. Harvey.

Dr. Harvey is probably my favorite of the three who practice out of a huge old farmhouse in Gorham. He looks like he just graduated from high school, but has to be in his late 30's and has a few sons of his own that are well over my son's age. He walks in the room: Jeez, you look terrible! How are you feeling? That's how I like my physicians. Tell me like you see it doc!

He went over everything with a fine toothed comb and shook his head vehemently at the X-Ray analysis. His prognosis - Walking Pneumonia. Well, I'd rather take that than a shrug and "It's Viral". His plan of attack? Doxycycline to start. If I'm not feeling better by Monday we know it's not Pneumonia and we switch to Prednisone in case it's a type A viral infection. Well, it's not the best outcome, but I have another note that gets me out of work until Monday the 8th.

I would much rather be in the back window bird watching anyway. I noticed today as the Goldfinches were ransacking the feeders that they are already turning from their winter coats to their spring finest. They are showing up brighter than just a week ago. Everyone came out this morning and especially at noontime to have a little snack out back, the yard was alive with everyone from the finches to the Jays, with a couple of woodpeckers in the middle. My favorite has to be the Red Breasted Nuthatch, they are so stinking cute.

Anyway, leaving you with a few photos from the past few days..... enjoy!

Crazy House Sparrows bathing in a puddle on the 24th. There were at least 100 of them all together...

The 'Wolf' Full moon, taken on the 2nd

I didn't take any of the seeds out of this feeder, I was only checking for quality control..

The Titmouse surveys the back yard before heading down to nibble

Puzzle #4 in four days.... complete.


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