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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Next season, please!

I should have known there was a Full Moon today, the monkey has been incredibly uncontrollable, unruly and wild. He is seriously impacted by the moon - trust me (and my mother just rolled her eyes, I know it). Anyway, he hopped in bed with me at 4:00 this morning wide awake. Some of you may think "Good Lord, make that kid go back to sleep or go play or something" but you have to remember, I'm a single mother and it's a small house and it's a Full Moon. There is no sleeping when that kid isn't sleeping. I couldn't wait to start the coffee.

A glance outside showed another coating of white, not more than an inch or so but enough to hide the landscape flaws. It wasn't long until the back yard was abuzz with feathered friends, mostly consisting of the flock of Goldfinches that have overtaken my lot. I'm not complaining, I love to hear them twerdling their whimsicle songs from the treetops. There are about 30 of them, and they're getting friendlier every day.

Monkey was a little on the trying side, so I piled him into the car to look for signs of Spring. They are out there and not hard to find, with tomorrow being March first they had better kick into overdrive! Forecast is for 6 - 8" of snow overnight then for the temps to climb to 45 this week. At least I have my Burpee catalog to remind me of warmer days ahead.

Sebago Lake is wide open at our 'fishing spot'

Sebago Lake ~ Standish boat launch. Good luck getting that shack off the ice now!

One of my Goldie babies

The color is really starting to pick up on the males

Crocus sprouts

Hard to see, but the Tulips are trying too

What we woke up to this morning


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