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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mackworth Island in February

It's been on my to-do list, and I can now check it off. We hiked around Mackworth Island in Falmouth today and it was fantastic!

Mackworth Island is probably more known for being the home to the Baxter School for the Deaf, but it also has a deeper history than that. The trail, maintained by the State, is a mile and a 1/4 long and should take about an hour to travel - unless you're with three boys. Then you have to multiply the amount of food an average 8-11 year old can eat by the amount of times they need to throw rocks or sticks, then divide by how many times they leave the trail to get a final estimate of time. For us it averaged 2.5 hours.

Bubster and his big brother came along with us - great kids, but they don't get out on adventures like this very often. It was fun to see their faces as we looked out across the channel at Fort Gorges and the city, complete with Lighthouses and barges. I taught them how to look for the birds they could see from the binoculars in my field book, then they helped me write them into my list. I found a Horned Grebe - there's a new one for my list! I have to admit, the trip was really fun and I can't wait to go back at a lower tide or this spring/summer when it's green - I bet it's gorgeous! As usual, I'll let the pics do the talking then I'm adding this to our Places we like to be Adventurous page:

The beach next to the parking area

Getting the hairy eyeball from the locals

Yes, there are rules

Our first pitstop

Overlooking the Portland Waterfront

Checking out the landscape

Massive trees

Heading down to the beach

Squirrel prints!

Hey! I found something!


Fort Gorges

He looks stumped

Common Eiders


Yes, the trail was that steep

Skipping stones

Heart-shaped Rock

Such HUGE trees!

They were fascinated by a fire hydrant on an island.

A Horned Grebe with it's winter plumage

Portland Headlight


Making "Fairy houses"

Taking a Break


The way home


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