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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A driveby shooting at Riverside Park.....

Picture shooting, that is. I never go near the park unless the kid starts screaming on the way by to play on the playground, but since I needed to have my X-Rays done at Mercy Westbrook and I was running early I decided to swing by. Oh my. There were - literally - hundreds of Mallards and Ring-Billed gulls everywhere, hunkered down snuggled to the ground searching for warmth. There were even a few Herring Gull youngins tossed into the bunch. I was amazed - not at the gulls but how we, as a society, have changed how the Mallards survive the winter. It's obvious that they are all being fed on a regular basis, they pretty much walked up to my car and asked "whatcha got?".

The picture does the scene no justice

Hey! Hey you! You know you got a french fry on the floor somewhere!

Alms for the poor, and cold. I'm starving here ya know!

So the X-Ray thing was pretty much painless, except for the waiting part. I guess since everything is now electronic it typically takes 24 hours for the lab technician to get the films to the radiologist who summarizes their findings and sends it to my physician who in turn looks at them and makes her own determination. **sigh** Meanwhile I'm still toting a temperature and freezing my arse off. Not to mention I went to bed frozen and woke up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat. I hope they figure all this crap out soon.

Sappi Mill, from Mercy Westbrook through my dirty windshield

Being ill has brought out a side in my I haven't seen since last winter though - I've done three and a half puzzles in four days (I'm currently taking a break to write my blog). Two were 1,000 pieces, the others 550.



Ok - it's obvious that I'm getting a little bored. Anyway, the backyard produced 25 Turkeys who graciously cleaned up under and around my feeders pecking away at what was flicked away by the Blue Jays. I noticed that their heads are turning blue and red, a sure fire sign that it's almost 'that time'. The Chickadees are also singing their spring song, as first noticed by my mom and then myself as I filled the feeders today. The Blue Jays are also changing their tune, could Phil the big lazy groundhog have been wrong this morning as he was spooked by his shadow? I hope the heck so.


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