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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cat fight forensics.........(I really need to go back to work)

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. I'm pretty sure it's too soon to give the antibiotics credit, but I did sleep like a rock and I suppose that's what I really needed. Monkey was wide awake really early and was outside playing by 7:00. The bus comes at 8:00. Well, at least it was quiet inside.... until he came screaming in the house.

"There's blood in the snow and I think something ate one of your birds!". Well, I must admit that I swore at the hawks to myself and slipped on my muck-ruckers and headed outside. There was definitely blood everywhere, but I didn't see any feathers - just what looked like fur in the freshly falled snow. I have a few stray cats kicking around, I could see where they both limped away in their separate directions. We must have just missed the entire scene based on the evidence. I snapped some pictures then realized that I could hear the most fantastic sound - the birds were everywhere. It wasn't even fully daylight out and the Goldfinches, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Woodpeckers and Juncos were singing up a storm! They were probably happy the great hunters were licking their wounds elsewhere.

The bus came and went and I did some figuring - and realized that in one month and ten days from today, sunset will be at 6:45! The time change is on 3/14 this year (still not used to the timing) and I can't wait. Yes, we're gaining almost three minutes per day but imagine how nice it will be to have daylight at night again! :)

Besides that, I did nothing else. I felt fantastic (in comparison to the past month), wanted to do so much more but I really didn't. I snuck outside at noontime and hid in the treeline to see what birdies would come out, the Goldies and Juncos were singing away, the Chickadees were their busy lil' selves and I could hear so much chatter it was exhausting. I came in and finished puzzle #5 and let the day pass me by, my chest still hurts and feels full and I'm chilly and achy. I think the best thing I can do is sit still and let my body heal.

The sunrise this morning was beautiful!

It was still snowing very lightly when I took this

Kitty fight forensic evidence

The Goldfinch refused to speak without his lawyer present.

Monkey playing football in the morning sun, waiting for the bus

Peeka watches the whole show from behind the glass

The Chickadees were so busy today!

I was trying to get a picture of his chest, it's so yellow!

Puzzle #5 in five days


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