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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A busy backyard on a snow / no snow day

We were slated to perhaps receive a dusting to an inch of snow today, but evidently neither the birds nor the squirrels got the memo. As the morning passed, my backyard looked possessed - not a square inch was without the movement of a feathered friend in search of sustenance. At one point I had high numbers of Turkeys (25), Blue Jays (30+), Goldfinches (40 - 50) and Juncos (30) - but was also entertained by the numbers of Hairy and Downy woodpeckers (4 each), Creepers (I usually only have one), Mourning Doves (I haven't seen more than one at a time in weeks), Chickadees, Titmouse, Robins, Cardinals and Crows. I think I saw a hawk at one point but no chance for identification. It was a very busy day for the critters, I'll have to refill some feeders tomorrow! Oh yeah, although our Southern counterparts are getting buried with snow, we have more melting every day. It never did flick a flake all day, and I think I can see buds on the trees. Oh my. February in Maine.

There's something about this pic that screams "Vogue"

The pics do no justice, there were so many Goldies!


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