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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And that was all she wrote.

Well, the snow stopped between 8 & 9 last night, leaving us with a disappointing 6" of fluff. Disappointing because A) there wasn't enough to plow B) there was too much to want to shovel and C) it was on the low end of the prediction and I was actually hoping to get whalloped while on vacation. I've decided to just let it melt off instead of conducting usual snow removal, which makes me think I've been hit with a case of Spring Fever already.

Monkey and I took another early morning walk but we didn't see the Bluebird this time. Disappointing in some ways but it didn't get me down, he was probably just scoping out the area to see if the nestbox was still there. We took another walk through the back woods around 11ish, the temperature is hovering around 35 degrees and wow! It's beautiful out! The Doves are cooing to each other, the Goldfinches look to be pairing up and the Cardinals sound like they're claiming territory. Maybe I'm not the only one hit by the Spring bug?

Early morning visitor waiting for the warmth of the sun

The snow looks sticky, but it's not. This is from the old graveyard up the street

Boy & bike. He doesn't care that it's winter

Someone has a big belly!

Yes, he's still in his pajamas

I ♥ my backyard

White Pine

One of my rather large Pitch Pines in the back 40

My buddy is growing up so fast.....♥


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