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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Seed Wreath

My ingenious creation a few years ago. I have a chip n' dip bowl that is made out of plastic. It was the fall of 2002, I went out back of the old house in Gorham where we had wild roses and cranberries growing and picked a whole bunch and froze them in preparation. Around January, I filled the chip bowl 1/2 way with water and filled it with a wild bird seed mix and stuck it in the freezer. After it was pretty much set, I did another 1/2" of water on top of that and added cranberries and more bird seed, then stuck the rose hips in the top and let it freeze for a good 24 hours.

Ya know, that thing lasted forever - well, at least until April. There was hardly anything left to it one it finally melted completely. The birds loved it! :) I haven't done one since moving in here, I don't have room in the chest freezer! I might have to make an effort, I guess. I need to find some berries first~


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