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Monday, January 18, 2010

Sandpit sliding

You can tell I live in a Redneck-ie type of neighborhood.

Between my place and the powerlines is access to a gravel pit. They built a berm all the way around the pit to keep unauthorized vehicles from entering the area, and it's perfect for sliding. The berm is just high enough to give a good ride, but not too high to keep little boys from getting tired and grumpy from climbing the hill. It also keeps mom happy because she can sit and watch close to the car and let them get worn out without fear of having to carry the sleds - and the kids - back to the car. I know I'm talking boy-z in plural, because often on weekends my neighbors son inherently becomes mine. This trip to the pit, he wanted to try to slide down the gravel piles. Me - still not in my right mind due to illness - agreed that we could 'walk the pit'. What was I thinking?

Again, it's easier to pictorial the events rather than explain. Enjoy the ride! Oh yeah - 13 Crows - that was my quarry.


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