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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Getting out on a sick day....

Tuesday the 12th came to find both my son and I sick with sore throats, nasty coughs, low-grade fevers and headaches. I, being couped up since the previous Thursday, was in serious need of just getting out of the house. We packed up the car with the bare necessities and headed out on the road to see what we could see.

We started at the Pine Point Co-Op where we had fantastic views of a handful of Long-Tailed ducks fighting the strong currents to feed. They were in the exact same location I had found them over the weekend - just off the small beach to the right of the restaurant. We also found one lonely Black Duck, 8 Eiders out past the rip, 3 Greater Cormorants and a ton of Herring Gulls and seven Great Black Backed Gulls.

 Long-Tailed Ducks in the rip

Feeling like actually getting into fresh air, we snuck down King St to Avenue 5. If you're familiar with the area, you know where we were headed! After parking in the lot, we walked down to the beach and found it at almost full low tide - so much room to run! We lasted about 10 minutes before our snuffling noses and tickling throats told us to get our butts back in the car! We sat and cranked the heat for a little bit before moving. No, we didn't really see any birds on the beach, but then again there were a few dogs running around too......

Being a Boy

From there we moved on to the Eastern Trail, just up the street, and braved the cold for a quick walk along the trail to see what was out there. We were greeted by some female Common Goldeneyes right away who didn't know what to make of the screaming monkey I had with me - they quickly flew away. After calming the animal and making him understand that we were on a secret mission (and giving him the notepad to keep track), we then got some closer views of the waterfowl in the area. Here is our list, straight from E-Bird:

Canada Goose 6 - American Black Duck 12 - Common Goldeneye 10 - Common Loon 1 - Herring Gull 5

American Crow 100 - American Robin 4 - American Tree Sparrow 2

Common Goldeneyes

Black Ducks

Common Loon in winter plumage

Hard to see but Canadian Geese

Male Common Goldeneye

Female Common Goldeneye

Crows in a frenzy

Exhausted, we then went home. It was good to add a few species to the list for 2010, and even better to get out of the house! ♥



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