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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday snowstorm flurry of activity

My back yard was abuzz this morning - from squirrels to turkeys. I have a list of the usual suspects - chickadees, titmouse, nuthatches, juncos, doves, jays, downy and hairy woodpeckers. The storm, which we aren't supposed to get anything from, is just offshore. It did dump tons on our southern coastal states but we're supposed to remain unscathed. Then again, I should go check the weather again - they change it every five minutes here.The animals don't have a person with a degree to tell them what the weather is supposed to do, they react based on their instincts (actually, perhaps we should too?). As such, I have plenty to watch through my 'sliding glass door tv'.

A sole and very nervous turkey entered the picture and helped herself to the scattering of seeds from under the birch tree feeder. It's definitely a female, but I'm not sure how she broke off from the 'gaggle' we have in the neighborhood which at last count was 27 strong. She's not lacking from food, I believe the appropriate way to suggest her waistline is that she's..... plump. Maybe she's too big to keep up, or maybe she just smells funny and they kicked her out.

The Juncos were on the porch looking for feeder leftovers before it was barely daylight this morning. Their little bodies were hopping, investigating the porch and snow looking for morsels that had been flicked out by the Bluejays. They were soon joined by the Mourning Doves, making the ground appear alive. Soon everyone else showed up, creating great entertainment for my cat and I.

Yesterday I was trying to think of ways to put food out without buying a new feeder, so I wrapped wire around the handle of an emty Maxwell House coffee container and hung it from a tree out back. I half filled it with seed and the chickadees and white-breasted nuthatches took to it no problem in the flurry of the morning's excitement. Oh, and the gray squirrels too. I suppose, now that I know it will work I'll have to rig up another wire to keep them out of it. I think I have about ten more of those plastic containers, maybe I'll rig up a couple extras while I'm at it.

Since I started writing it went from no snow, to barely snow, to a winter wonderland. It's very fine, but nonetheless coming down fast and furious. I'm wondering if the 1" will hold true? My feathered buddies have gone to seek shelter, but the squirrels are still going strong. I think rather than belting out a screech with the noisemaker, I'll let them eat. So long as they aren't chewing on my feeders, that is.

If I could only figure out how to get down there......

 Hey! What's it like down there?

 Looks safe enough, and there's food in it!

Yeah - this will work!

 Just... a.... little.... bit.... farther.......

(ha for you little squirrel-ly, now that I  know it works I'm rigging this one up too!)


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