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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Rain, rain go away.....

It's pouring out, ridiculously so. The dog wants to go out and I'm trying to get her to wait until it slows down a bit. Her favorite rainy day trick is to come back inside saturated and jump on my bed. It's never fun to try to sleep with wet dog smell embedded in the comforter.

It's my weekend off, the boy is with his father. I was hoping for a nice weekend, now it's just a washout. I wanted to bird or hike a little - not now! I took all the Christmas decorations down yesterday so the house looks huge with all the extra space. All that's left to do now is laundry and roast a chicken. Maybe I'll make this a relax and nap in the chair day. I have to keep telling myself that at least it's not 90 degrees out! I would love to see a real rainbow right about now, and at least I don't have 3 feet of snow to shovel.


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