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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Time to complete my New Year's Eve duties! In 2010, I resolve to:
  • Loose a few pounds - no limit on how much though, I'm not that goal oriented.
  • Get a handle on my finances. I'm SO CLOSE to getting everything in order!
  • Tuck money away and hang onto it for fun times.
  • Take a vacation - a real one. And try not to use up my time off before summertime.
  • Spend more time outdoors. Well, I'm not sure that's possible.... maybe keep spending time outdoors.
  • Buy another State Park Pass! That thing was awesome, and the weather HAS to be better this year!
  • Get a new 'big' camera. I have my sights on a Canon 50D, the little brother to my measly 10D.
  • If not a new camera, a riding lawnmower so I don't have to push my limits all summer long.
  • Get a canoe, regardless of the two bullets above. We need to go fishing!
  • Actually keep track of the birds I've seen. I have a gazillion photographs, but no real list.
  • Clear out more of the back '40. I need to thin out more of the young pines so I can see out there.
  • Make sure I tell my son how much I love him every day.  
I don't ask for much, I'm pretty happy with my life and how things are. I hope that 2010 treats all of us well! Cheers!

New Years Eve 2006


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