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Monday, December 21, 2009

Confessions of a closet birder

It was dead silent at work today, everyone was basically on vacation. Not me, I ran out a few weeks ago - blame it on the kid and I being ill more than we should have been this year or not, I have to wait until 1/1 to get more time off. I'm tempted to take the whole first week of the year off, but then I'd probably end up in the same situation.**sigh** There I sat, bored.

See, this working thing really interferes with my personal life. I would rather be home watching to see who is flipping seeds they don't like out of the feeders. I'm not really a bird 'chaser', more of an armchair enthusiast.

This morning I left the house and can't remember if I locked the side door or not. Why is that? I was too busy thinking about the Savannah Sparrow that had landed on the back porch then hopped down to help himself to the feeder droppings in the snow. I had wanted to sit in my back window taking pictures and waiting to see who else would come to join, daydreaming of a flock of purple finches, grosbeaks or an appearance by the cardinal pair. Instead I had two boys to corral onto the bus and a 20 minute drive into the office. Half way through that ride I started wondering if I had shut the coffee pot off and locked the door.
In my 'spare time' today, I've decided that with my Christmas money (if Santa brings any), I'm going to purchase two new books. Sparrows and Finches of the Great Lakes and the Northeast and Warblers of the Great Lakes and the Northeast. If there are any birds I have a hard time distinguishing, it's those species. I have them queued on Amazon.com just waiting for the cash flow (come on baby, momma needs some new books!).

Anyway, here's my Savannah - the only bird (besides a few Juncos) that I got to see today. Well, except the ride in: I saw a flock of 100+ grackles in South Portland feeding on the side of the road. Oh yeah - coffee pot was off and the door was locked after all. I'm not loosing it completely.


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