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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thoughts of fall

With the onslaught of cool evening weather, it’s obvious that fall is right around the corner. It seems like just a week ago we hit 90-something degrees and were all dying of the heat. It’s Maine, we could very easily have a few more scorchers but for the most part I believe we’re toast. The official date/timestamp is on the 22nd at 5:20 pm, but it feels like it’s already here.

I noticed the sign at Randall’s Orchard had changed to ‘Open’, which means that freshly picked, bright red juicy apple time is close by. I took the kiddie pool down yesterday knowing that it just won’t be used anymore, it was a little on the green side anyway. Leaves are already starting their annual vibrant display of color and the acorns are sacrificing themselves to the squirrels, throwing themselves from the trees. The birds are cleaning out my feeders faster than I can fill them. My house is a perpetual hairball, thanks to my shedding horse of a dog. Baseball is turning to football, soccer starts this week and tickets to the Red Claws are on sale. My lawn has stopped growing two inches a week, I still don’t ‘have’ to mow but could if I felt up to it. Allergies are running rampant in my house and tissues are flying.

Fall is definitely in the air.


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