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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sea Dogs in September - Field of Dreams

I bought my tickets months ago - in May to be exact. The Portland Sea Dogs vs. the New Hampshire Fisher Cats. I got tickets for Section 502, row A, seats 9, 10 and 11. For those of you unaware of where those tickets are, they are the equivalent to Boston's Green monster but sitting in right field instead of left. It provides a set of seats high above the field, right next to the Dog's bullpen, directly above the Dog's locker room and within full view of everything. I pick row A because... well.... it's special. That row of seats sits right on the wall and if you lean over, you look straight down on the field. I bought those same tickets for my birthday last spring and will never go back to general seating. I think the pictures will explain why.

My seat

In heaven
 Slugger racing with kids
The weather was warm today - warmer than I had thought it was going to be - and the sun was bright and beautiful. I brought the monkey and his little buddy along for the ride and we started off with popcorn, a seadog biscuit and a few drinks. We were plenty early, an hour to be exact. That time just melts away as you start to absorb everything going on around you. The boys were in awe as they watched the players come out on the field to warm up and stretch and goof off. After warmups were done, Yamaico Navarro tossed a practice ball up to the monkey. He was beside himself with glee and giggled like a schoolgirl. Today's theme for the ballpark was 'Field of Dreams' and they had brilliantly placed a row of cornstalks in center field and when it came time to announce the team, they came out just as the ball players had in the movie - it was really cool. They wore replicas of the jerseys worn by the Portland Eskimos in the 1920's.
Field of Dreams or Children of the Corn?
See the man in the middle? That's Yamaico Navarro holding the ball he tossed up to the Monkey!
Luis Exposito - #23
Starting pitcher Ryne Lawson, #34
It was officially fan appreciation day so the players entered the stands to thank us for our support throughout the year. We were lucky enough to have Lars Anderson - a 21 year old protege that was brought in to be the next big Sox snag - to come and visit our section. The boys were nervous to have him near them, it was adorable to watch. I managed to snap a picture of the boys with Lars, but of course, blinkage. We did better when Slugger came around, we love Slugger!

Lars Anderson
We ♥ Slugger
The game started and was a slow starter with the first few innings ending quickly. Then the Cats snagged a two run home run with a high riser that came right at us. The ball came up and over our wall, beamed the galvenized steps behind us and popped right back over our heads and back out on the field. I laughed, I had a glove and could have caught it but had a 'duh' moment. The Dogs answered back with a bark of their own, but the game ended on a bad note with the Fisher Cats taking the Dogs 8-3. The boys didn't care, they had a great day. The children were allowed to go and run the bases at the end of the game, Monkey was interested but the Bubster wasn't. I took their picture under the scoreboard and we ambled on out of there and headed for the homestead.
The Bullpen
Can't go to a game without getting a biscuit!
Watching the pitching squad
So proud of themselves
On the field under the scoreboard. Do they look tired to you?
A little sunburnt and very tired, I will admit that it was a fantastic day. Tickets for 2010 go on sale November 7th, I think I need to start saving some money now to make sure I get our favorite seats.


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