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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Adding to the park pass - Two Lights and Crescent Beach State Parks

In an attempt to try to get my money's worth out of the Maien State Park Pass I purchased earlier this spring, the monkey and I headed out on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in September on a mission. First stop was Two Lights State Park. I laughed as we drove through the entrance and no one was manning the booth, but a green collection can was set up with the list of fees: $1.50 per person but with a pass - free. I drove on through and thought to myself 'only in Maine would we set up a green collection can and expect people to use it'.

We started off by playing on the playground (it's a kid thing) then headed down one of the million paths they have snaking throughout the park. First thing monkey found were the remains of the Work War II battery bunker, rusted and decomposing in the salt air the doorways are locked with no admittance. He was afraid to walk right up to the bunker, making me go first in case there might be something 'wrong'. We peered through the crack and were met with cold, damp smelling air. It was yucky, as the monkey put it.
From there we moved along the trail to the open, rugged coastline. We found an area where we could traverse down to a nice, flat area (without my fear of the monkey falling down!) and we made camp to watch the waves crashing along the rocks. It was interim tide, on it's way in, so the water was slowing moving it's way towards us making each wave crash harder and larger, the salt spray lingering in the air.
Monkey squints in the late day sun
He thinks he's found something in the rocks...
We have to have one from each place we go!
The surf was fantastic!
I love this...
We spent a few hours at Two Lights enjoying the scenery and walking the trails, then decided to stroll Crescent Beach, which is right around the corner. Again, my State Park pass got us in the gate for which there was no guard - just another green can. We parked in the pretty much empty parking lot and high-tailed it for the beach. First we walked toward the Scarborough end, navigating our way through the seaweed, small polished pebbles and shore birds that little beach is famous for. I made monkey promise not to get wet or all sandy (he was in regular shorts and a short sleeved shirt) but within the first 5 minutes he was soaked.
Once we got to the rocks, we turned and headed back toward the Cape Elizabeth end of the beach. As we passed the main entrance the beach flattened out and was more sand than jetsom and rocks. Monkey found a small football in what little debris there was and used that to help him along up the beach after I forced him to stay out of the water to dry off some. This only created a sandy mess, which I need not elaborate more on since I'm sure you can visualize on your own. We walked up past the Inn by the Sea, which was about to host a wedding right there in the sand. I hurried the monkey along, thinking they surely didn't need him in the background of their nuptial photographs!
Crescent Beach walkway
Chasing the gulls..
I love shorebirds
Did I expect anything different?

Needless to say, it was a great afternoon that caused my housework, but not the two of us, to suffer tremendously. Considering it was the off season, the prices were reduced so in all between the two trysts it added $6.00 to my Park Pass total, bringing it up to $32.50 - half of what I paid for it. I still say if the summer hadn't been as rainy, I would have far surpassed that. Besides, we need to hike up Bradbury Mountian still - that will add more to it. As such, I believe I will renew my pass for next year. I think it's worth it.


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