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Saturday, August 29, 2009

What does a cold and rainy day mean to me?

It's the end of August, raining like crazy and we're supposed to get up to a couple inches before the day is through. It's chilly, the high today won't get above 60 degrees, but this is one of my favorite kinds of days. Why, you might ask? Here's my list of reasons:
I get to listen to Play Station games and iCarly all day.
Putting on PJ bottoms and warm, fleece shirts with yummy socks.
The smell of a chicken roasting all afternoon.
Taking a hot bath.
Lighting a few scented candles around the house.
The dog loves to snuggle when it's like this.
I find articles in my magazine that I didn't notice the day before.
My coffee always tastes twice as good.
I don't have to worry about the neighbor's kids knocking on the door.
Knowing NOONE will be knocking on the door.
Laying on the bed and listening to it rain and suddenly being joined by the boy, the dog and the cats.
Taking clothes out of the dryer and soaking in their warmth.
Watching the live radar on the WeatherChannel.com
Reading a favorite old book
Cleaning areas of the house that haven't been touched because it's been 'too hot' or we've been out creating adventures.
Knowing that it will all end soon.


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