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Sunday, August 23, 2009

A few weeks behind....

Well, it's been a busy couple of weeks - we survived last weekend's 90 degree weather just hanging out at Kiwani's Beach in Standish and enjoyed ourselves. 15 hours there between Sasturday and Sunday worked out to 67 cents an hour - who can beat that? I just grabbed food and junk from the house and marked our spot on the beach. It was heavenly - almost like a mini vacation.

Monkey floats his life away

A little on the crispy side, but worth it

Well, all that fun came with a cost, on Monday night monkey had difficulty breathing and I rushed him to Mercy Urgent Care where his temp rose up to 102. After 2 1/2 hours, chest x-rays, oxygen levels normal and no other rationale for his breathing except for the temperature, they sent us home. It was hot Monday and Tuesday - and muggy - so I kept him home and pulled the air conditioners out to the living room and kept us at a cool 73 degrees. Tuesday night his temp soared to 103.8. I brought him to the doctor on Wednesday to find out he had Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. Folks - my kid is a weird virus magnet, I swear. His temp ranged between normal and 103 for days after that, he's with his dad this weekend and it's killing me! Grrrrrrrr......

Monkey with a ranging temp in front of the AC

So then Friday night we had a storm front rage through that brought toronados to Oxford County and funnel cloud reports all over, including 5 miles from the house right about the time I took these photos below:

See below for a video too!

Here at home, I had weird winds and a downpour with a few claps of thunder. We just had a brush with Hurricane Bill but it didn't make it to where I am - thank goodness! There are some who are threatened with up to 4" of rain today, goodness!

Anyway, next weekend should be one for more interesting blogging - I hope. It would be nice to have some decent weekend to take a hike or a bikeride! :)

If you watch closely, you'll see all kinds of spinners coming down from the clouds in this video. Watch the big one in the foreground, it lost momentum right after I started filming - but there is another right next to it then one more on the left that forms and dissapates too. A little lightening and thunder for your viewing pleasure too.


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