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Saturday, January 24, 2015

East Point Sanctuary - Biddeford Pool, Maine

Can you believe I've driven past this beautiful gem so many times and never stopped to check it out? Oooh, that's not happening anymore, what a gorgeous place to take a walk along the rugged Maine shoreline.

Parking is limited and in the winter you can park across the street along L.B. Orcutt Blvd, however in the summer you must park out front of the fence. I found that out from a friendly police officer making the rounds watching for illegally parked Snowy Owl hunters :)

From the fenceline follow the trail up between the houses and to the right once you hit the golf course (a subliminal sign shows you the way if you have quick eyes). Listen carefully as the house to the left has feeders and I was serenaded by chickadees, finches and a downy woodpecker along my way and almost taken out by a grey squirrel that I jumped.

Entering a narrow woodsy area, you can see where the woodpeckers have worked their way around the trees drilling holes in a circular pattern.

When the path opens up, it turns into small pebbles and is edged with bittersweet, winterberry and wild roses and to your right the open ocean can be seen. From here you can choose to take a path down to the rocky shoreline or continue along to the other side. I chose to continue to see what lie ahead of me.

I was so pleasantly surprised to find Wood Island with it's beautiful little lighthouse, the monument on Stage Island, sweeping views of Camp Ellis and Old Orchard Beach and even a glimpse of Mount Washington, standing tall but hiding in the high contrast of the morning sun.

This walk comes highly recommended by this girl.


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